Marketing for emerging technologies

Marketing for emerging technologies

Joseph Media recently hosted a technology workshop (see description below), on "The Global Money Revolution" which looked at Cryptocurrencies and emerging technologies in this space. DLTs or Distributed Ledger Technologies as they are known are new and evolving fast, bringing about all sorts of exciting possibilities to our business and social lives. A lot of new companies building DApps (Distributed/Decentralised Applications) on DLTs such as Blockchain, Hashgraph, Ethereum etc. and delivering infrastructure projects often launch ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) in parallel with the technology they are introducing to the market. These organisations face issues and challenges in marketing their offerings in the right way, to the correct audience and demographics at reasonable costs. Joseph Media offers inbound marketing solutions to these companies empowering them to achieve their marketing objectives within budget.


These companies or organisations often rely on raising funds from investors to fund their projects over a timeline or roadmap to the launch date of their product and must not only reach and attract the right investors but must keep them informed every step of the way to the project launch and beyond. An effective and functional website is essential to compliment the inbound marketing tools provided by Joseph Media. In addition to the traditional methods of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, interactive content etc. these inbound marketing tools provide real-time analytics that quantify ROI.

Workshop Description


  • The money evolution
  • The digital money revolution
  • DLTs: (Distributed Ledger Technologies), Blockchain, Hashgraph
  • Applications: in particular Cryptocurrencies
  • Coins: (BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO, Cardano, Dash, Revo, Hedera, etc.)
  • ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • Consensus algorithms, POW (Proof Of Work), Hashgraph (Gossip about gossip)
  • Security: DDos (Distributed Denial Of Service)
  • Obtaining wallets, loading coins, spending, buying and selling coins
  • Investing for short and long term financial rewards
  • Diversifying your portfolio and so much more...



This Global Money Revolution workshop will demystify the digital money revolution and cryptocurrency space, covering all aspects of DLT technologies and applications being built on top of them such as cryptocurrencies. It will not only look at the evolution of money but the various coin offerings including (BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO, Cardano, Dash, Revo, etc.) ICOs, the process of going from zero to hero in understanding what all this actually means for you on a practical real-life basis and answering that all important question.

How can you cash in on all this?



The workshop will hold your hand and guide you through the process of obtaining wallets, loading coins, buying and spending coins and investing for short and long term financial rewards, diversifying your portfolio and so much more.





The workshop looks at the exciting world of these new technologies - DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies) such as the Blockchain and Hashgraph which are leading the way and pioneering decentralised technologies offering another essential layer on top of the internet. This new layer brings about so many new possibilities and opportunities. The Internet as we know and use it, although very useful, has many shortcomings including its ability to scale, flaws in its underlying technologies and protocols such as TCP/IP, http, FTP etc. as well as security vulnerabilities with many major websites such as Netflix and Amazon being hacked with DDos (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks and identity theft on the rise. These DLTs offer solutions that can solve many of the flaws with the internet and bring about endless possibilities to not only improve our lives but take the internet to the next level. Join us in this exciting practical hands-on workshop to learn more and take advantage of the financial rewards.

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By Joseph Media
May 22, 2018

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